Labex EFL Contracts

The LLACAN is involved in four strands and numerous research projects of the Laboratory of Excellence “Empirical Foundations of Linguistics” (EFL) in 2020-2024. The following list shows all the projects of which a member of LLACAN is the/a principal investigator.

Strand 1. Phonetic and phonological complexity

  • [Project LABFIELD] Bringing the lab into the field
    PIs: Didier Demolin (LPP), Guillaume Jacques (CRLAO), Alexis Michaud (LACITO) & Mark Van de Velde (LLACAN)

Strand 2. Experimental grammar in a cross-linguistic perspective

  • Contact-induced morphosyntactic change
    PIs: Ronny Meyer (LLACAN) & Chris Reintges (LLF)

Strand 3. Typology and dynamics of linguistic systems

  • [Project GL1] Ideophones and interjections in a typological, areal and diachronic perspective
    PIs: Aimée Lahaussois (HTL) & Yvonne Treis (LLACAN)
  • [Project GL2] Lexical typology across time and space
    PIs: Alexandre François (LATTICE), Lameen Souag (LACITO) & Martine Vanhove (LLACAN)
  • [Project GL6] Text corpora for Mande languages
    PI: Valentin Vydrin (LLACAN)
  • [Project GL7] Reconstruction, genealogy, typology and grammatical description in the world’s two biggest phyla: Niger-Congo and Austronesian
    PIs: Isabelle Bril (LACITO), Alexandre François (LATTICE), Mark Van de Velde (LLACAN)
  • [Project VC3] Central Gallo-Romance: Linguistics and ecology of a transitional zone
    PI: Nicolas Quint (LLACAN)
  • [Project VC4] Syntactic variation in creole languages
    PIs: Stefano Manfredi (SEDYL) & Nicolas Quint (LLACAN)

Strand 4. Representation and language processing in a “Lifespan” perspective

  • Taking advantage of the typological diversity in African languages
    PIs: Thierry Nazzi (LPP) & Mark Van de Velde (LLACAN)