Tools and online manuals

The IT service of LLACAN makes available course materials and online manuals for the use of programmes such as ELAN, Toolbox, Endnote etc. (NB: Most documents are in French.)

IT preliminaries and devices for linguistic fieldwork:

See document (in French)


Metadata management and text annotation software

Arbil, Quick guide


Software for multi-tier annotations of audio and video files

ELAN for linguistic annotation (in French)

ELAN manual of the Max Planck Institute (in English)

ELAN-CorpA: Quick guide (in French)

ELAN: Displaying the pitch curve and the intensity curve in ELAN (in French)

ELAN: Audio synchronisation of a text annotated in Toolbox (in French)

ELAN: Creating an ELAN file from a selection made in another ELAN file (in French)

ELAN: Audio synchronisation of a text annotated – the easy way (in French)

ELAN: segmentation of an audio file into prosodic units (in French)

ELAN-CorpA: Search by command line (in French)

ELAN: Replace french gloses (tier type 'ge') by english glosses

ELAN: Translitterate the content of one or more tier(s) of an ELAN file by means of a correspondance table

ELAN-CorpA: Groups & Links

Concordance dans ELAN-CorpA

ELAN-Tools (Python Tools for ELAN)

Elan2Conll (from ELAN to Conll - SUD)


Macro to create a table (with 2 empty lines for glosses) with the words of a sentence  macroGrille


Intelligent management of bibliographic references for research: Official site of Endnote (in English)

Short summary Endnote online (in French)


Praat is free software for the analysis of acoustic speech signals: Official site of Praat (in English)

Praat, introduction (Jean-Philippe Goldman, University of Geneva, 6 pp.) (in French)

Praat, tutorial (Pascal van Lieshout, University of Toronto, translated by Ch. Chanard, 27 pp.) (in French)

EasyAlign: a device for automatic phonetic alignment under Praat ( (in English)

Praat script resources ( (in English)

Praat scripting tutorial ( (in English)


Shoebox and its successor Toolbox are programmes to manage data from linguistic and anthropological fieldwork.

Short summary online (in French)

Technical notes:

Entering special characters in Windows:

The operating system provides a pre-defined collection of international keyboards. There are devices such as MSKLC (Keyboard Layout Creator) of Microsoft and Keyman of TavulteSoft which allow users to create their own individual keyboards and to make them accessible to the system, i.e. to programmes such as Word, Excel, Shobox etc.

Read more (in French)...

Download the LLACAN AFU keyboard for African languages: AFU for Windows, and AFU Keylayout for Mac,  and also for Windows laptop without < and > keys :AFUQwerty (afuqwert)

Android Keyboards

  • Android Keyboard WA1 (West Africa : bambara, peul...)
  • Notes on installation and uses

Project management:

Tips and tricks to design a project, find financial support for a project and manage a project:

Short summary for PhD students (in French)

Audio equipment for the fieldwork, used at LLACAN